Paul Cimino (MADtech Sherpa)

Connecting the divide between marketing & advertising

Merchant turned internet entrepreneur – a 20-year veteran, pioneer and innovator of MADtech (digital marketing and adtech and e-commerce).

Paul helps clients become ‘data first’ companies, so that they can make more informed decisions via employing better approaches and tactics to protect, govern and leverage data for programmatic segment and attribution models.

Paul co-founded Aqfer.com, a leading enterprise big data marketing platform in 2016. Prior to that he founded Brilig in 2009, creating a powerful cooperative DMP/Data Exchange, which bridged direct marketing and digital marketing. Brilig’s success is evident in its being acquired by Merkle in 2012.

Before founding Brilig, Paul served as CTO at QualityHealth.com, a digital health media company, where he conceived and patented Healthographic targeting. Prior to that he was co-founder/CEO of Snickelways Interactive, a 300 person, leading e-commerce solutions provider, where he created the first B2B Extranet. Previously Paul worked at AT&T/Downtown Digital, a Bell Labs ITV think-tank producing the first interactive television e-commerce programs.

Paul began his career as a merchant and IT change agent at Saks 5th Avenue. He lives in Austin, TX and holds a B.A. from New York University.

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